This is a list of repairs for Virtual Families 2. If you need help repairing the sink, toilet, or oven, please refer to this section for help!

For Virtual Families, please go here.

The sink/toilet/shower


  1. Grab an adult or a child over 14.
  2. In the workshop room there are tools. If it's your first family they are just laying on the table. If you've had more than one generation of families just settle for the original tools from the table.
  3. Drop your adult or child over 14 on top of the tools/toolbox until it says "Fixing sink/toilet/shower". They will walk to the bathroom (wherever the leak is)
  4. When your adult or child over 14 is finished, they will continue to their normal activities:)

Oven fire


  1. Grab an adult or child over 14.
  2. Go to the workshop and look for the fire extinguishers (they are found under the small table at the top left corner).
  3. Drop your adult or child over 14 over the fire extinguishers and they will put out the oven fire.

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