The Store is one of the main screens inside Virtual Families 1 and 2. Its where you buy supplies for your little family. It is present in Virtual Families 1 and 2.

Virtual Families 1

Inside Virtual Families 1, you can buy items in the store to help your little family. You have the ability to return items if you want to.

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Store Categories

  • Groceries
    • Here you can buy groceries and organic groceries
  • Varied Items
    • Here you can buy items such as clothing, anti spam software, and a blood orange.
  • Medicines
    • Here you can buy medicine to cure your people when they are sick.
  • Home Improvements
    • Here you can buy things to improve your home like paintings, a tv, and a pool.
  • Career Room Upgrades
    • Here you can buy career improvements for the kitchen, the office, and the workshop.

Virtual Families 2

Inside Virtual Families 2, the store offers more items then featured in Virtual Families 1. You can't return items, unlike Virtual Families 1.

Store Categories

  • Food and Medicine
    • Here you can buy groceries and medicine for your family.
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  • Flea Market
    • Here you can buy various items such as candies, fruit, and anti-spam software. The items change three times a day.
  • Career
    • Here you can buy upgrades for your career.
  • Home Renovation
    • This is where you can buy rooms and remodels for your house.
  • Furniture and Accessories
    • There are 8 categories: Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, General Appliances, Outdoors, Accessories, Toys and On Sale. There are 2 or 3 items 50% off each day.
  • Clothing
    • Here you can buy new outfits for your little people.
  • Special Upgrades
    • Here you can make a random event occur (Roll the Dice), time warp 3 years, adopt, hire a maid, hire a gardener, and buy a Lotto Ticket.
  • Coins and More!
    • Here you can buy coins and upgrades with real money.
  • Pets
    • Here you can buy various pets such as cats, dogs, a lizard, and a tarantula.