How do you know when someone is sick?

Your little people's statuses may become 'a little bit sick', or just 'sick' from time to time. This indicates that they are sick and should be cured immediately.

Also, they will begin showing symptoms like:

  • throat doesn't feel right
  • oww, head hurting
  • can't stop coughing

These symptoms will appear in their 'action' bar.

It will be explained how they can be used to find a cure for your person later.

How do I diagnose them?

You can diagnose them by:

  • dragging them around until they display a symptom via the 'action' bar (like the examples above)
  • turn on your sound and listen to the noise the person makes when you drag them
  • using the doctor's diagnosis


As said earlier, you can find their symptom them by dragging them around until you find a symptom in the action bar.

When you see symptoms like these, you may be able to find the medicine they need to be cured.

This can be found in the 'Food and Medicine' section of the store in the game.

The order of the symptoms goes:

  • the action in the action bar
  • their movement
  • any sound that you may hear when dragging them
Symptom (action) Medicine
Throat doesn't feel right

Waving action

Groaning noise

Throat lozenges
Stomach hurting

If they're on the floor


Peptic Syrup

Jumping violently

Sneezing sound

Can't stop coughing

Groaning and moaning

Anti-inflammatory pills

Dancing weirdly

Cortisone cream

Hiccuping also shows up as sick. You can cure hiccuping by dragging and dropping your sick virtual person on the kitchen sink.

Doctor's Diagnosis

You can buy a doctor's diagnosis if your person is very sick and you don't know what's wrong with them. The doctor will also say whether there is an infection in your person.

You can tap the medicine onto the person that is sick and something will come up with what is wrong with the person and how you can cure them.

Most likely, if a person immediately shows a symptom after you've cured their first symptom, they have a serious or grave infection. Sometimes, your person may have a grave infection. If the doctor confirms they do, the doctor will ask you to treat them with vancomycin. It is normal that the person will be exhausted after applying vancomycin.

(also, if your person is weak it doesn't mean that they're necessarily sick, it could mean that you've been neglecting them, etc.)

If you don't fix it they may die.