An elder is the fifth and final stage after adult. When someone turns 45, this stage starts and they will grow gray hair although they still look the same on the family tree. This stage is not always guaranteed, as it is possible that adults can die before 45 from either starvation or weakness.

Elder man

Elderly person on Virtual Families 2

Personality and Abilities

Health usually declines during this stage but they will stay alive longer with proper attention and care. They are less likely to produce children and less eager to do their career although they do not actually retire. There is no actual way of knowing how long your little people will live, but there is a "Wise" trophy after a character turns 65, meaning that it's possible to live that long but uncommon to live past 65.


Grey hair is the first sign of becoming elderly. At age 55, their speed will slow down. Their health may go down and will need to be fixed with Perfect Bananas, Blood Oranges, Hand Sanitizer, Multivitamins, or Sweet Mangoes. Sometimes they may die unexpectedly so they might need more attention.