A child watching TV in Virtual Families.

A child is the next stage of life in Virtual Families after baby. It begins when the child is two years old (or after 120 minutes in real-time after said child is born) and ends when the child turns 14, when they become a teenager.


Every child's personality is the same (unless changed by likes and dislikes): they are mischievous, fun-loving, and very playful, sometimes to the annoyance of their parents. They will not do careers though (they are inexperienced and don't have the patience for it) but will do simple chores (such as taking out the trash, collecting items, or pulling weeds). They will need your help and guidance whenever they are sick, unhappy, or hungry.


By this stage, every baby looks different (unless they are twins or triplets, all are identical and have the same gender) and will have the face given in the family tree. They are assigned a certain piece of clothing to wear along with it, so if you want, you can change their clothes (if you have the money and/or choose to spend for it to differentiate the twins/triplets)