ADOPTION - Virtual Families 2

In the game Virtual Families 2, there is a option to adopt a child. $4000 coins is all it takes to adopt a child. Usually when you adopt a child they are 2-5 years old and appear. Unlike in real life your family won't hold a party or greet the new family member.

Demon Child Rumor

From what I have heard, there is a rumor similar to Hero brine on 'Minecraft'. There is no video proof/photo proof so I believe it is fake however I have my doubts. The rumor is that if you adopt a child it may turn into a 'demon child'. They will kill your entire family and come back in your next generations. OR, if you adopt a child and you 'give it more affection' and treat a blood relative (child) badly, they might turn into a demon child. Who, will also kill your family and come back later. I think its a bit stretched.

Thankyou! (Is there any I missed?) ;)